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Pravaha’s aim is to create more chess Grandmasters in India, who are women,
and to see them in the top 20 players in the world

Why Chess?

The game of chess was born in India, and we have seen a renaissance in terms of players with great talent and skill emerging from our country in this sport. In recognizing chess as a logical extension of our mission, we view it as a powerful avenue for highly able children and young adults in India to realize their potential, locally and globally.

However, the journey is not without hurdles, especially for female chess players who encounter greater challenges in securing support within our country. It is precisely this gap that we are committed to bridging through our focused efforts.

The Gameplan


Through 64 Squares, a joint initiative with India’s top chess management agency, MGD1, we sponsor 6 talented young players - 5 girls and 1 boy.


In collaboration with renowned national and international players, we are slated to launch world-class chess training programs for girls


We seek to strengthen the chess ecosystem by sponsoring highly reputed tournaments in India, that give young players the platform for growth and recognition.

64 Squares

In March 2023, Pravaha launched 64 Squares – a sponsorship program for women chess players – in collaboration with MGD1, India’s top chess management agency. It aims to identify promising players, suitable coaches, and organize tournaments that can feed their talent. Today, 64 Squares supports 6 exceptional chess players, and has committed INR 2 crores over 2 years for their training, travel, and other expenses.

Savithashri Baskar

Age 16

Achieved the title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM) in 2023

Shubhi Gupta

Age 13

37th National Junior Girls Champion 2023, 2022 Commonwealth Youth Chess Champion

Vantika Agrawal

Age 20

11th Indian woman to achieve International Master (IM) title, 14th place in FIDE Women's Grand Swiss Tournament 2021, bronze medal in Indian National Women’s Championship.

Saparya Ghosh

Age 13

Achieved two titles in the Asian Youth Chess Championships 2022

Charvi Anilkumar

Age 9

Under 8 World Cadet Champion 2022, 6 medals in the Asian Youth Championship 2022

A.R. Ilamparthi

Age 14

Achieved the title of International Master (IM) in 2023


Competing on the international stage demands resources—time, money, and, for young female talents, considerations for travel and accommodation of accompanying guardians. To address the gaps in Indian chess, Pravaha launched 64 Squares - a sponsorship program for women’s chess – in collaboration with MGD1, India’s top chess management agency.

Under this program, Pravaha commits INR 2 crores over a two-year span for the comprehensive support of six exceptionally talented chess players, covering training, travel, and associated expenses.


In pursuit of providing world-class chess training opportunities, Pravaha, in collaboration with Microsense, proudly announces a 15-day training camp in Budapest, scheduled from 4 January, 2024 to 17 January, 2024.
Led by the legendary Judit Polgar, the Hungarian Chess Grandmaster, the training will take place at her esteemed academy, catering exclusively to our top seven women players. This immersive experience embodies our commitment to elevating the skills and potential of our female chess prodigies.


In addressing a major hurdle for our chess players, particularly women, the financial strain of international tournaments poses a significant challenge. The necessity of traveling abroad for norms and rating advancement adds to the complexity due to the limited availability of quality tournaments in India

Pravaha is actively collaborating with diverse partners within the chess ecosystem to pave the way for more tournaments on home soil. By fostering partnerships and initiatives, Pravaha aims not only to elevate the caliber of tournaments in India, but also to create a more accessible and nurturing environment for our chess talents.

The Program Portfolio

Other Initiatives