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About the Program

Math.Biz 2023, a collaborative program by Pravaha, Raising a Mathematician Foundation, and Mahindra University, focused on applying Mathematics in areas like Finance, Economics, and Accounting. 

The program, held from June 19th to 28th, 2023, aimed to bridge the gap between mathematical theory and real-world application, fostering appreciation for the interplay between Mathematics and other disciplines.

Math.Biz’s curriculum was meticulously crafted to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It allowed students to delve into complex economic theories and financial strategies through the lens of mathematics. 

Focus Areas

Mathematics in Finance and Economics

Exploring how mathematical principles underpin financial models and economic theories.

Economic Theories and Concepts

Examining supply-demand dynamics, market structures, and economic strategies.

Introduction to Unconventional Assets

Understanding the mathematical framework behind modern asset classes like NFTs and Patents.

Graphical Analysis and Statistical Interpretation

Applying statistical tools to analyze financial data and trends.

Program Activities

Financial Mathematics Workshops

These sessions delve into the fundamentals and advanced topics in financial mathematics, such as investment strategies, risk analysis, and financial modeling.

Economic Theories Discussion

In these discussions, participants explore and debate various economic theories, understanding their real-world applications and implications on global economies.

Expert Engagements

These interactions with industry professionals offer insights into the current trends and challenges in finance and economics, enriching students’ learning experiences with expert perspectives.

Statistical Analysis in Finance

Focusing on the use of statistical tools, these sessions teach students how to interpret financial data, predict market trends, and make informed financial decisions.

Case Studies on Economic Models

Students engaged in the analysis of real-life case studies, applying economic models to understand market behaviors, financial crises, and policy impacts.

Critical Analysis Exercises

Activities designed to enhance critical thinking, where students analyze complex financial scenarios, challenge existing theories, and propose innovative solutions.


Cohort details

14 Nov - 26 Dec, 2022
31 Dec 2022 - 9 Jan, 2023
Phase II
14 Jan - 15 Jan, 2023
Phase III
Online Interviews
27 Jan - 29 Jan
Phase IV

Program Report

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