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Chrysalis Fellowship
Enabling Dreams that Transcend Borders

About Chrysalis Fellowship

The Chrysalis Fellowship, a collaboration between Pravaha Foundation, and Agastya International Foundation, is dedicated to unlocking the vast potential of India’s brightest minds. With a focus on learning and global exposure, the fellowship provides unparalleled opportunities for students from aspirational backgrounds to pursue undergraduate studies at world-renowned universities.

The program is meticulously crafted to equip students with the tools to excel in a rapidly evolving world and to contribute meaningfully on a global scale. Beyond offering financial support, the Chrysalis fellowship program is a gateway to a world of mentorship and guidance, that aligns with our mission of nurturing exceptional talent.

Program Highlights

Expert Mentorship

Personalized guidance from subject matter experts and academicians throughout the application process to top US universities.

Pre-Admission Expenses

Comprehensive application fee coverage and sponsorship ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder talented students.

Support and Resources

Access to a wealth of educational resources and continuous support throughout the selection and admission process.

University Selection

Assistance in applying to prestigious universities in the USA, such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and CalTech.

Post-Admission Aid

For students securing a full scholarship, the program covers SEVIS and Visa fees, along with a one-way flight to the USA.

Annual Travel

Sponsorship of round-trip flight tickets between the USA and India, once a year, for the duration of the course.


Eligibility & Selection

Grade Requirement

Aspirational Backgrounds

Rigorous Selection

Academic and Extracurricular Excellence


The Program Portfolio

Other Initiatives