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Event Horizon

As the next logical step in the journey that began with Episteme-2022, Pravaha and Agastya organised a residential program called ‘Event: Horizons’ from 10–16 December 2022 at the world-renowned Agastya campus in Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh. This program was designed to provide students of classes 6–9 immersive experiences in the Space Sciences, Astrophotography, STEM, and other interface areas bridging these subjects. We also curated the program to deepen the cross-pollination across, and promote a balance in, various disciplinary inquiries. 35 highly able students from all over India participated in the program.

The Astronomy and Astrophotography sessions were led by Dr. Anand Narayan, faculty at IIST. The students had an opportunity to interact with some of the most eminent scientists in India today, including Dr B.N. Suresh, Chancellor, IIST and Dr V.K. Aatre, former head of the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

The first part of the program immersed the students in a series of workshops in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Astrophotography for 2 days. The students visited the various labs and innovations centers on the campus, and had a hands-on learning experience in the Sciences through experiments and lecture demonstrations. This was followed by a 3-day program in Inquiry and Critical Thinking (ICT). As part of our approach to combine the Sciences with the Arts, we also had a Dance and Body Workshop for the students to promote a balance in the students’ scientific and artistic inquiry.

There is ample reason to believe that bringing such a cohort of children together about twice a year, is in itself grounds for an elevated, relational learning experience. Despite the focus on science in these programs, we see that the children’s imagination is not limited to particular subject areas or methods. The goal is to introduce them to analytical models of thinking, while laying a greater emphasis on solving problems creatively.


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